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Baby Leora Bunga Batik Earrings

Baby Leora Bunga Batik Earrings

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Limited Ready Stock

This product is currently available in a few quantities for ready stock.

You will be notified if item if the ready stock is sold out and if your purchase is waitlisted as pre-order.

The pre-order will take up to 9 working days before we ship out. We appreciate your patience!

As much as we want to have everything ready stock , it is tricky for handmade items, and we couldn't get all materials to come together in time hence we will only be able to work on it when they arrive!

We will try our best to have everything shipped out ASAP!

Important Note

Each product is crafted from different parts of the same batik fabric, outcome may vary/differ from picture shown.

All items are hand made from the heart, we try our best to make it perfect! But please do expect tiny errors, and minor imperfections. After all, we're only humans!

Colour up your ears with Bunga Batik Earrings! Crafted from gorgeous batik fabric, these floral-inspired accessories are sure to give your outfit an eye-catching pop of colour. Add a bit of artistry to your wardrobe - no green-thumb required!

Stud Material, 14k Gold Plated S925 stud, Clip ons available upon request (leave a note in checkoout) 


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